David Lynch gives his infinite ocean to UM students



University of Montana Media Arts students got a lesson today in "Transcendental Meditation" from the one and only David Lynch. The artist and film/television director ("Twin Peaks," Blue Velvet, Lost Highway) and Missoula native conducted a video conference today set up by Mark Shogren, a professor in the Media Arts program.


Shogren says he's been a fan of Lynch's work for a long time and was interested in incorporating him into the classroom in some way. Last year he stumbled upon Lynch's foundation, which works on using stress-reducing "transcendental meditation" for at-risk populations. It's a technique Lynch has written a book about and something he uses to approach his own art projects.

  • Photos by Greg Twigg

In the conference, Lynch addressed, among other things, inner treasuries and girls—as metaphors for art.

Other issues he addressed:

Art ideas: "All of it exists within. An unbound, infinite ocean of it and it's yours.

Competition: You've gotta be in love. You don't have to worry about anybody else. If you're going down the street and you meet a girl around the corner and you see her and she sees you, and it's pure, beautiful love, you don't care what Sam in Philadelphia thinks of this or the president of the United States thinks about it.

Negativity: Negativity is the enemy of creativity. You all have a treasury within, a technique called transcendental meditation will take you to that treasury and give you a key to that treasury that works. You'll experience the deepest, eternal level of life.

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