Messina leaves White House to focus on Obama's reelection



Former UM journalism student Jim Messina recently stepped down from his position as White House deputy chief of staff to become President Obama's reelection campaign manager. The move means Messina leaves D.C. and moves to Chicago to work with '08 campaign architect David Axelrod.

From the Washington Post:

While grass-roots money will continue to be significant, one of the Obama team's first priorities is to build up its stable of major donors and fundraisers. Messina is already at work on this task.

Messina's quoted in the article saying the reelection team will attempt to recreate — and re-energize — Obama's '08 grassroots support, and will aggressively target traditionally Republican states, like Arizona.

"I understand the challenges of any reelection campaign," Messina told the Post, "but we're going to go into this with an expanded map and a bigger map in the beginning than in '08."

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