Insane Clown Posse left quite an impression, plenty of damage



The details in today's Kaimin article about the damage done before, during and after the hip-hop duo's recent Wilma gig is more alarming than some of ICP's lyrics.

The show may have been a blast for many in attendance, but the Kaimin's Brooks Johnson reports on the sticky — and expensive — cleanup that followed:

- $2,000 in damage to the theater, mostly from "six inches of diet root beer at the base of the stage." ICP is known for spraying its audience with Faygo soda.

- $1,000 in damage to the Rocky Mountain Development Group's office, one floor below the Wilma. This was also caused by the soda, which leaked through the theater's floor.

- A mess at the CitiLodge Motel on West Broadway, where most of the Juggalos stayed.

"There was candy and noodles stuck to the carpet, hair dye and make up staining the sheets and towels, face paint smeared on various surfaces, pillows and clothing left behind that were soaked in soda, lots of trash, half-eaten food and beer cans scattered everywhere," employee Stephanie Randall told the student newspaper. She was housekeeping for nine hours straight after the show.

RMDG's Justin Metcalf and Rick Wishcamper explained the Wilma takes great pride in booking diverse acts at the Wilma, but ICP will not be back at the Wilma anytime soon.

"This was us stretching a little too thin trying to please too many people," Wishcamper told the paper.

Read the full Kaimin article here.

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