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That headline isn't meant to imply these stories aren't pressing, only that they didn't result in a stand-alone blog post this week for one reason or another. For instance, that image above of the UC Davis meme reaching Montana didn't reach our inbox in a timely fashion because of technical difficulties. (The Indy's entire computer system was down Monday, making it one heck of a deadline week for the print crew.) Other items were covered by other people, or came in late, or ... really, we just wanted to headline a holiday blog post like this.

Anyway, here we go.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Neil Livingstone wanted $10 million to help get Qaddafi out of Libya, according to The New York Times. Intelligent Discontent and MT Cowgirl picked up on the news right away, noting that Livingstone's campaign has been struggling for a few months.

Missoula's own Linsey Corbin finished second in the 2011 Ironman Arizona, and, despite running 26.2 miles, swimming 2.4 miles, and biking 112 miles, she was able to conduct this cheery post-race interview. The race marked the end of her season.

The Missoulian has a new blog by Gwen Florio called "Book Buzz." Any opportunity to read more Florio is a good thing, and there's certainly plenty to cover. Example: Kate Davis at Raptors of the Rockies took home a National Outdoor Book Award.


Former Missoulian Jim Messina isn't just in charge of President Obama's re-election campaign, he's also responsible for planning one heck of a basketball game. With the NBA currently locked out in a labor dispute, multiple NBA stars are playing in "The Obama Classic" to raise money for the campaign.

The New York Times is now covering the Jesus statue bruehaha, so it must be super important. Or at least more important than every member of the Montana delegation writing to ESPN about its football coverage.

Alas, Missoula's submission to HUMP! did not win an award at the amateur porn film festival. There's always next year.

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