Best of the Indy Blog 2011: celebrity




All week we're looking back at the most popular Indy Blog posts from 2011.

Next up: celebrity.

Posts about famous people get folks to click, and Montana certainly attracts its fair share of famous people. Some of the more popular stories this year:

- Dennis Quaid puts his Paradise Valley ranch up for sale. (Oct. 14)

- A former Griz gets engaged to a reality TV "star" (Nov. 3)

- The cast of Cowboys & Aliens hangs out at Paws Up. (July 15)

- The connection between Kevin James' The Zookeeper and Montana (July 7)

- David Lynch speaks at UM (March 2).

And the most popular celebrity blog post of the year ... video (since removed) of David Letterman interviewing a heroic horse and wrangler who prevented a grizzly attack near Glacier. (Oct. 12)

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