Mitt Romney and moose hunting in Montana



The interwebs went bananas last night over Mitt Romney's slight slip in the South Carolina Republican debate. When asked if he'd been hunting since 2008, the presidential candidate said he went moose hunting in Montana before quickly correcting himself and saying it was elk. He added he's not the greatest hunter in the world. Here's the video:

Despite his own mid-sentence correction, the gaffe got plenty of traction. One tweet noted that Romney was for moose hunting before he was for elk hunting, a jab at the frontrunner's problem with flip-flopping on certain issues.

Reuters' Sam Youngman tweeted: "Waiting for the DNC to put out a piece: Elk or moose? Which one was it, governor?"

And Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod offered his take on Twitter: "Stuck on the horns of a dilemma!"

For those keeping count, there are currently 10,889 Google News results for a search including "Romney moose Montana."

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