Somebody stole Discovery's welcome sign, and Discovery would like it back



Not cool, broheims. Somebody stole Discovery Ski Area's Ram sign — you know, the big wooden one that signals you're mere moments from a lift. Naturally, they'd like it back. And they're being extremely chill about it.

Here's the very polite message posted on Disco's Facebook page earlier today:

Around the end of April, someone decided to steal the Discovery sign at the gate to the ski area road. This Ram's head was painted specifically for Discovery Ski Area and is very difficult to replace. Making it more disappointing, I can't help but feel that the culprit is someone who regularly skis at Discovery.

If this is just a result of some late night fun gone a little far, we would love to have the sign back and would gladly accept with no questions asked and no involvement from law enforcement. If you know who took it and see this, please ask them to return it as it has significantly more value to Discovery than the person who has taken it.

Thanks for any help!

Find the sign, folks. And if you do, contact Disco at 406-563-2184 or via its Facebook page.

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