Pachyderm punks hit the road




Holy DIY, Batman! Local punk band King Elephant is loading up the Econoline after their show tonight at Zoo City Apparel, forsaking Montana for the perils of the great American Interstates.
They raised a few thousand dollars on Kickstarter (hey, didn't we just write about that?) to fund a month of touring and a documentary featuring the band, the tour, and the national DIY scene. The boys will crisscross the U.S. from Portland to NYC and back through the end of July supporting their new LP, Exhaust. You can pick up a copy of that tonight, of course.

Here's one of my favorite songs of theirs; count on it being stuck in your head for a while:

Head to Zoo City Apparel at 7 p.m. to bid them farewell — they won't be back 'til July 31.

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