Missoula never had a chance



We're talking about flags, people.

Helena flag
  • Helena flag
It's not something you think of very often, if ever, but when a group called the North American Vexillological Association, better known as NAVA, releases a list of the top American city flags, and Helena and Billings make the list, and Missoula isn't anywhere to be seen, all of a sudden you start thinking about freakin' flags.

Helena's is pretty cool. The Billings one? Meh. D.C. won, which is a nice consolation prize considering the whole "taxation without representation" thing. I'm also fond of the Madison, Wis., flag and the Oakland, Calif., flag and the Seattle flag.

All of this is well and good, but where's Missoula? How come the Garden City didn't make the cut?

D.C. flag
  • D.C. flag
We don't have a flag.

An email to the city's public information/communications director, Ginny Merriam, confirms this tragic fact. We hang Old Glory and the state flag in Council Chambers. But no Missoula flag.

We never had a chance in the NAVA rankings.

Topeka flag
  • Topeka flag
So let me be the first to say, I'm not standing for it. I call on all those local illustrators and graphic designers out there. I think Josh Quick could do something infinitely better than the St. Petersburg pelican (ranked No. 23). Courtney Blazon would kick the tush of Topeka (No. 46). The Indy's production crew could take seven shots of J├Ąger, work a full week and still design something that looks better than the one from Spokane (No. 111). What about the folks from Statriot? Their flag would be Monfuckintastic.

I'm just naming a few. Someone has to have an idea that would capture Missoula's spirit, put us on NAVA's radar, and, quite literally, allow us to proudly wave our flag.

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