Dear underage drinkers...



How about giving the Badlander Complex a break?

Owners of the popular downtown super-venue recently decided to close their doors for three non-consecutive days in response to their third violation for underage drinking. In addition to the closures on Tuesdays Nov. 6, 13 and 20, the Badlander will host two high school level live music and DJ events (one on First Night and the other still TBA) to educate underage folks on the rules and dangers of drinking.


The complex's liquor license is especially vulnerable to punishment since it covers several bars: the Badlander, Palace, Savoy and Golden Rose and, previously, The Central. So, that means, every kid who thinks it's worth it to sneak into the joint for a Jager-bomb, puts a lot in jeopardy for everyone else—including a big chunk of the music scene.

Here's a statement from the Badlander Complex owners, which sheds a little light on what happened:

December of 2011, we at The Badlander Complex were cited for its 3rd violation for non compliance in a three year period. The Central and The Golden Rose received the previous two violations. Although our security measures in place at the time of the compliance check would have prevented any minor from consuming alcohol, we were still subject to a violation as the bartender failed to ID the minors. While a technical violation of the law, it was the presence of the bouncer who prevented these minors from ever taking possession of the alcohol that resulted in this negotiated settlement with the Department of Revenue. This resolution while difficult to accept is necessary to continue our business. We could no longer afford the legal fight or uncertainty of the outcome.

We take underage drinking very seriously and will forever be pro active in our education and prevention of underage drinking.

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