A peek at Winter in the Blood



"Virgil First Raise wakes with a shiner and a hangover in a roadside ditch on the hardscrabble plains of Montana. Haunted by the death of his beloved older brother Mose on a cattle drive twenty years earlier, Virgil is a dead man walking..."

  • Photo courtesy of Michael Coles

If you haven't seen if yet, check out the Winter in the Blood official trailer. The film, directed by Alex and Andrew Smith, is based on the 1974 novel by James Welch about Virgil First Raise, who has become frozen to the possibilities of life, but whose vision quest takes him off the reservation and leads him to surprising redemption. The film was shot this summer on the Hi-Line in northern Montana and it's in post-production now. The Smith brothers' first feature film, The Slaughter Rule, starred Ryan Gosling before he became famous, and it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and garnered honors at several international festivals.


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