How to party in Missoula like it's the end of the world




If you haven't heard yet, the world is ending sometime tomorrow, according to a really old calendar. Bummer, right?

Well, if you're not already marking the occasion by visiting Maya ruins with a Missoula travel company, here's your rundown of where to party tomorrow night as everything supposedly comes to a screeching halt:

Friday, Dec. 21
A Zoo Town Riot production/tale featuring multiple performers, producers and DJs.
Monk's Bar, 225 Ryman St.
8 PM, $10

Ragnarok: The End Of The World Party
Featuring Mahamawaldi, Blessiddoom, Con/Sequence, Judgment Hammer, Swamp Ritual and Mega Thruster
Zombie Tools Shop, 1909 Wyoming St. #8
9 PM, Free

KBGA's End of the World Party
Featuring The Whoopass Girls, Winters Forest and DJ Tigerlily
Palace, 147 West Broadway
9 PM, Cost TBA.

End of the World Party at the Dark Horse

Featuring High Voltage and 2 Ft. Titan.
Dark Horse, 1805 Regent St.
9 PM. Free.

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