Most Popular Blog Posts of the Year: The gay bashing that wasn't



Last week, we started counting down the end of 2012 by counting down the Indy's top five blog posts of the year. But because this is a list, and because today is actually the last day of 2012, we waited to unveil the most popular post of the year. In the business, they call this a tease.

We're done with teases and ready to get down to business. The number one blog post of the year published Aug. 7 and was titled "About that Missoula gay bashing? It didn't happen." Jessica Mayrer acquired exclusive video showing how a 22-year-man who originally claimed he was the victim of an assault was actually injured. The story went viral and was quickly picked up by the New York Daily News and Huffington Post, among others. Mayrer wrote:

A 22-year-old man who reported he was the victim of an alleged hate crime in Missoula during the early morning hours of August 5 has admitted he made the story up. “It has now been determined that the assault did not occur,” Missoula Police Lieutenant Scott Brodie said in an August 7 statement.

That same day, Joseph Baken, of Billings, pleaded guilty in Missoula Municipal Court to misdemeanor filing of a false report to law enforcement.

The Tuesday afternoon confession came after the Missoula Independent and law enforcement obtained video showing the alleged victim doing a backflip on Higgins Avenue before landing on his face and sustaining lacerations.

You can view the infamous backflip below.

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