Need to know how to free your pet from a trap? FWP has a new video to help



Local dog owners fear few things more than the possibility of their pet getting stuck in a trap during an otherwise playful walk in the woods. With Montana's first wolf trapping season now open, and concerns high for so-called "incidental catches," Fish, Wildlife and Parks put together the following instructional video on how to free Fido from various types of traps. (See below)

It's not particularly scintillating viewing, to be honest, but it could prove worth your while. FWP wolf specialist Mike Ross walks through release techniques, carefully using his hand or nothing at all in the leg holds or conibear. As presented, it all seems like a pretty mundane process. It's not, of course, and Ross does make note toward the end that, if your dog does get caught in one of these traps, he or she will probably not be "the friendly pet that you're usually used to." He suggests you "throw a coat over the dog, securing — covering the head and mouth, and then fish that leg out from under the coat, get it free, and then get the trap off the animal as quickly as possible."

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