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Sequestration digs into Yellowstone Park's snowplowing budget
The communities surrounding Yellowstone National Park will see a later-than-usual uptick in spring traffic as the park had to cut $1.75 million from its budget immediately due to sequestration, and some of those cuts will keep snowplows parked.
Billings Gazette; March 5

Cody Chamber asks Montana, Wyoming to plow Beartooth Highway
After Yellowstone National Park officials announced that budget cuts would delay the clearing of roads within the park, and the Beartooth Highway, which park crews normally plow, the Cody Chamber of Commerce proposed that Montana and Wyoming team up to plow the road that stretches between Red Lodge and Cooke City.
Great Falls Tribune; March 5

Final tally for Montana's 2012-13 hunting season is 225 wolves
The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks released the final numbers for the state's 2012-13 wolf season with hunters shooting 128 wolves and trappers capturing 97 for a total of 225 wolves, a 36 percent increase over the number taken during the 2011-12 season, while 113 wolves were killed by federal agents, ranchers killed seven for killing livestock, and 32 other wolves died from a variety of causes.
Helena Independent Record; March 5

All seven gun bills before Colorado Senate advance
The hallways of the Colorado State Capitol were congested on Monday, where the state Senate took up seven gun-related bills, all of which were passed by two Senate committees.
Denver Post; March 5

Former U.S. DEA chiefs to issue warning on legalization of marijuana
The Associated Press obtained an advance copy of a statement that will be issued today from eight former U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration chiefs that urge President Obama to take immediate action to rescind state laws passed in Colorado and Washington that legalize marijuana.
Edmonton Journal (APP; March 5

Reining in federal control of Utah's natural resources on legislators' agenda
There are currently nine measures on the agenda in the Utah Legislature that deal in some way to limit or mitigate federal control over natural resources.
Salt Lake Tribune; March 5

Utah company grinds crickets into flour for protein bars
Most of the world's population know that insects are a good source of protein, but consumers in the United States aren't wild about the buggy source, a mind-set a Utah business hopes to change with its Chapul bars, which are made with crickets ground into flour, and which have earned praise from Florence Vaccarello Dunkel, associate professor of entomology at Montana State University, who calls insects "land shrimp."
Salt Lake Tribune; March 5

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