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Wildfire in Montana wilderness burns through built-up fuels
The Red Shale Fire in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana has burned across 8,613 acres since igniting 11 days ago, and fire managers said the fire is eliminating snags and dead trees that have impeded use of the area since the 1988 Gates Park fire.
Great Falls Tribune; July 30

FERC says JPMorgan manipulated energy markets in Montana
In an enforcement action filed Monday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission charged JPMorgan's energy unit with using illegal bidding strategies to obtain excessive payments in California and in the Midwest, with five such events occurring in California between September 2010 and June 2011, and three such events involving Midcontinent Independent System Operator, which covers Montana and 14 other states, between October 2010 to May 2011.
Great Falls Tribune (AP); July 30

Interior Secretary touts economic benefits of federal lands
On Monday, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell was on Capitol Hill to urge Congress not to cut budgets of key programs, telling members of Congress that federal lands provided $371 billion and 2.3 million jobs to the U.S. economy last year, and Utah Congressman Rob Bishop was quick to point out that 68 percent of that revenue was generated by energy exploration, mining, timber and grazing and 58 percent of those 2.3 million jobs.
Salt Lake Tribune; July 30

Protesters stop work on road leading to tar sands mine in SE Utah
Canyon Country Rising Tide and Peaceful Uprising spokesperson Selia Alerio said dozens of protesters blocked work on a road that will lead to Alberta-based U.S. Oil Sands tar sands mine on Utah's East Tavaputs Plateau and also halted work on that mine on Monday.
Salt Lake Tribune; July 30

Free-standing emergency care clinic opens in Colorado
While Free Choice's for-profit, free-standing emergency room clinics have been operating in Texas for years, the company's clinic in Colorado Springs is the first in Colorado, and critics said the clinics, which handle everything from hangnails to heart attacks, are driving up medical care costs.
Denver Post; July 30

Residents of N. Colorado county urge commissioners to secede
Many of the elected officials from the 10 counties in Northern Colorado who attended a session on July 8 on seceding from the state and creating a new state are now pursuing an option to have state legislative districts follow county lines to ensure equal representation, but at a meeting Monday night in Weld County, the 70 or so residents who attended spoke in favor of pursuing secession.
Denver Post; July 30

Colorado university's engineering program has Spanish-only housing
The new dorm on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder will house international engineering students, who will be required to speak Spanish 24/7 while in the dorm, as part of the college's immersion program, with future plans envisioning different wings of the $37.25-million dorm offering immersion programs in French, Portuguese, Arabic and Mandarin.
Denver Post (Boulder Daily Camera); July 30

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