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USFS bans use of exploding targets
Targets that blow up after being hit were banned Monday in the Rocky Mountain Region by the U.S. Forest Service, who said the targets had caused 16 wildfires since last year, seven of which ignited in the region which covers Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota.
Durango Herald; Aug. 6

Philanthropists, nonprofits fill NPS funding gaps caused by sequestration
A one-time donation helped Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming keep open a visitor center, ranger station and preserve center that would have been shuttered this summer due to sequestration cuts and the Grand Teton Association, a nonprofit that has helped fund special projects in the park for decades made a one-time donation to fund seasonal staff for the Jenny Lake Visitor Center.
Casper Star-Tribune; Aug. 6

USFWS proposes protection for 2 plants found in Utah oil shale country
Graham’s beardtongue and White River beardtongue have been on the list of proposed species for protection for decades, and now the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing the rate plants, found primarily in eastern Utah over oil shale resources, is proposing that they be put on the Endangered Species list.
Salt Lake Tribune; Aug. 6

Creditors of idled Idaho solar plant seek payment, restart of production
When the Baoding Tianwei Group took over Chinese-owned Hoku Materials in 2011, the companies that helped build Hoku's $700-million polysilicon plant in Pocatello were assured that the company had the backing of the Chinese government, but since then the Idaho plant has closed and creditors are still awaiting their cash, and a former manager of the plant is working with a Nevada-based investment group to buy the factory and put it into production.
Idaho Statesman; Aug. 6

Protesters briefly stop megaload on trek from Idaho through Montana
Members of the Nez Perce Tribe briefly blocked the progress of the first of two large pieces of water purification equipment bound for Alberta as it moved through their lands in Idaho early Tuesday morning, but within a couple of hours the megaload was again on the move on Highway 12 headed for Montana.
Missoulian (AP); Aug. 6

Tanker crash on Colorado pass sends 4,000 gallons of fuel into waterways
Two days after a truck carrying fuel crashed on Loveland Pass in Colorado, spilling an estimated 4,000 gallons of fuel into waterways that flow into Dillon Reservoir, oil and gas tankers were still crossing the pass at the rate of one every five minutes, as heavy truck traffic is banned from passing through the Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnel.
Denver Post; Aug. 6

DOE report ranks Colorado eighth in wind-generated energy
The U.S. Department of Energy's 2012 Wind Technologies Market Report released this week said that wind was the top new source of electricity generation last year, the first time wind has led in that category.
Denver Post; Aug. 6

NOAA study quantifies natural gas leaking from Utah site
Tests done in February of 2012 that were part of a new study led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found that 6 to 12 percent of natural gas produced in Utah's Uinta Basin is escaping into the atmosphere.
Salt Lake Tribune; Aug. 6

Idaho nonprofit provides jobs, training to refugees on farm, in kitchen
Create Common Good is a Boise-based nonprofit that provides training and jobs to refugees on its two small, pesticide-free farms in East Boise in its commercial kitchen, where trainees produce restaurant sauces, packaged snacks and an array of commissary fare sold in Idaho.
Idaho Statesman; Aug. 6

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