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Albertsons, Safeway agree to merge
Bob Miller, Albertsons' CEO, said Albertsons will maintain a strong corporate presence in Idaho, where the company currently is headquartered, but declined to say more about how things may change under the $9-billion merger with Safeway, which will fold Safeway's stores into the Albertsons brand.
Idaho Statesman; March 7

U.S. DOT provides more details on testing crude oil shipped by rail
Last week, the U.S. Department of Transportation provided more details about a previous order on testing of crude oil that is shipped by rail, but an attorney who deals with the shipping of hazardous materials said the requirements are too vague and set shippers up to fail to meet them.
Flathead Beacon (AP); March 7

BNSF spokesperson discusses rail traffic increase in Montana
At an event hosted by the League of Women Voters of Billings, BNSF spokesperson Matt Jones talked about the substantial increase in rail traffic through the Montana city, and what was driving that increase.
Billings Gazette; March 7

Protester briefly blocks transfer of Yellowstone NP bison to holding facility
On Thursday morning, a young Colorado man chained himself to a 50-gallon drum of cement in the middle of the road that provides access to the Stephens Creek bison capture facility near the northern boundary of Yellowstone National Park to protest the capture and killing of bison that migrate out of the park, resulting in his arrest — and increased media interest about the fate of the bison.
Billings Gazette; March 7

Montana DNRC closes door on proposed land exchange
On Wednesday, the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation said a proposed land exchange that would have traded school trust lands within the boundaries of the Dana Ranch, owned by David Killam for the Diamond X Ranch that Killam planned to buy for the express reason of trading it for the state lands, will not proceed.
Great Falls Tribune; March 7

Canada orders railroads to ramp up shipments of grain
A record harvest for farmers in Western Canada, coupled with a bottleneck in rail traffic, has left millions of tons of grain stranded, and the Canadian government said it will require Canadian National and Canadian Pacific to each ship 5,500 cars of grain a week, and will give the railroads a month to reach that minimum goal.
Calgary Herald (Canadian Press); March 7

Idaho House sends bill to allow guns on college campuses to governor
On Thursday, the Idaho House voted 50-19 to approve a measure that would allow guns on college campuses, sending the measure along to Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter for action.
Idaho Statesman (AP); March 7

Grand Teton NP land exchange bill now on Wyoming governor's desk
The bill that creates an avenue for Wyoming to exchange state inholdings in Grand Teton National Park for federal lands elsewhere in the state is now on Gov. Matt Mead's desk, where it is likely to be signed into law as the governor has indicated support for the measure.
Jackson Hole Daily; March 7

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