Presenting: Candy Wednesday with Candy-Crust Voodoo Doughnuts



It is no secret that we at the Indy office are big fans of candy, especially on deadline days. The calendar editor, Kate, is all about chocolatey things. Peach rings are a certain editor's Kryptonite. In the spirit of that candy love, we present a new blog feature*: Candy Wednesday, in which we review various sweets while under the influence of sugar highs.

Our first feature comes by way of accident, since a reporter coming back from vacation was kind enough to bring a box of Voodoo Doughnuts all the way from Or-uh-gun. And what do you know, some of these have crushed candy on top, thereby we can review them for Candy Wednesday.

So wrong, yet so right.
  • Oreo-crusted dirt doughnut. So wrong, yet so right.

Butterfingering doughnut (not shown, because Kate ate it before she remembered to take a picture): This comes with chopped up Butterfingers on top, which represents the apex of candy/doughnut and should be illegal for breakfast. Now then, we cannot comment on the quality of the chocolate cake doughnut itself, because it is a day old and past its prime. Dry doughnuts are what coffee was made for. But as a vessel for chopped-up Butterfingers (one of Kate's all-time favorite kinds of candy), it is excellent. 8/10 Cavities.

The Dirt Doughnut: the raised yeast doughnut with vanilla frosting and Oreos reminds our arts editor, Erika, of a family reunion at which she kept a package of Oreos in her car for hourly comfort feeding. This doughnut makes our throats sting from all the sweetness, and it tastes best with heavily creamed coffee that you, yes, use for dunking like the commercials always say. One small tweak: you could substitute the vanilla frosting for Oreo filling just to really drive home the point, but maybe that's just the sugar taking over our brains. 7/10 Cavities.

*P.S., this is a flagrant rip-off of the concept behind NPR's Sandwich Monday.

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