Candy Wednesday with the Bison Baar



Hello everyone, 'tis Candy Wednesday, which means we here at Indy World Headquarters are riding a delightful sugar high.

Today's candy victim is the Bison Baar, a Missoula-made chocolaty thing up at the "impulse buy" section of Orange Street Food Farm's checkout stands.

witty caption: om nom
  • witty caption: "om nom"

Kate's thoughts: This thing is kinda like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup was pregnant with a Goober, with a placenta made out of toffee. Before we take this disturbing metaphor any further, let us say that it is absolutely fantastic. Biting through the soft chocolate reveals layers of crunchy almonds and sweet caramel and crunchy toffee. If you've ever tried to make homemade Snickers (which is something you should try at least a couple times, so as to appreciate what a pain in the ass candy is to make, plus people will adore you) you'll appreciate how the small-batch stuff tastes way better than mass-produced candy. Plus, some other poor sap went to the trouble of enrobing these in chocolate. (The phrase "enrobed in chocolate" is one of the best psuedo-pornographic food terms ever, no?) Verdict: 10/10 enrobings

Erika's thoughts: This candy reminds Erika of her childhood in which she envisioned her childhood like she was Laura Ingalls, aka "Half Pint" in Little House on the Prairie. (The books and the TV series) It's the buttery maple filling that makes this candy seem like it should be sitting in a glass dish on a shelf at the Oleson family General Store. It's old-fashioned but forward-thinking, which is to say it's stylishly delicious. In a world full of big-factory candy, this oddly textured nugget is on the top of our list. 10/10 cavities

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