Candy Wednesday: Reeses Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cup



Welcome to Candy Wednesday, wherein "grown-ups" say to hell with it and eat sugary crap. In light of 90 degree temperatures, this week features frozen candy! Specifically, Reese's Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cups.

say hello to your new master
  • say hello to your new master

Kate says: A candy bar and an ice cream bar had a baby, and it turned into a giant Reese's cup. This is probably the best thing ever, and by "best thing," I mean I am sure as hell not going to spoil this by glancing at the ingredient list. Curiously, this retains the texture of a regular Reese's peanut butter cup, but in ice cream form. It also does not melt like normal ice cream, but kinda separates into a weird goo. Mm'mm good! (These are way better than last week's licorice debacle.)

Erika says: I tried to get on board the trend of freezing a Snicker's bar or Reese's Pieces, but the truth is, I found that they kind of lost their taste and that wasn't worth it no matter how awesome it seemed in the summer. This candy bar ice cream is different, coz it's ice cream. I bet some ice cream scientist out there could explain why exactly the molecules and temperature make it taste better in this form, but I don't know any ice cream scientists. I wish I was one.

Kate says: I'm picturing an ice cream scientist looking a lot like this. With even more sparkles.


****And Now, a Moment With Guest Reviewer Alex: "Oh, sweet, there's Reese's in the freezer upstairs?" Two minutes later, returning dejected: "...I'm lactose intolerant." To which we responded: "Yes, Alex, the ice cream bars have ice cream in them." ***

Erika says: According to Forbes, an ice cream taster makes $56,000 a year. Seems pretty unfair. Anyway, usually for Candy Wednesday I have some fond/horrible memory I share with readers about that candy. This one evokes no memories for me. It's the future, not the past.

Kate says: Ice Cream Dreams of Future Past is the working title for my novel now.

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