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Groups petition to keep Bakken oil out of older railroad tank cars
The Sierra Club and ForestEthics have petitioned the U.S. Department of Transportation to immediately ban the use of older railroad tanker cars, known as DOT-111s, to move Bakken oil, because the older cars rupture when involved in accidents, even at low speed, and the oil from that formation is more volatile than other crude.
Great Falls Tribune (AP); July 16

Study finds Wyoming elk herds could survive CWD
A study done by retired Game and Fish veterinarian Terry Kreeger, University of Wyoming veterinary graduate student Amy Williams and Brant Schumaker, of the Thorne-Williams Wildlife Research Unit followed 39 captive elk from the National Elk Refuge for a decade, and although 37 of the elk died from chronic wasting disease, the study found that elk with a certain genotype survived the disease, providing evidence that CWD would not wipe out elk in that area of the state.
Jackson Hole News & Guide; July 16

Idaho group files lawsuit in federal court to close Wyoming elk feedgrounds
Western Watersheds Project filed a lawsuit in federal court in Wyoming on Monday, seeking the closure of five elk feedgrounds in Western Wyoming because the U.S. Forest Service's decision to reissue the permits for those feedgrounds in 2008 violated the Bridger-Teton National Forest's plan, the National Environmental Policy Act and the Wyoming Wilderness Act.
Jackson Hole News & Guide; July 16

Affordable housing for workers in W. Wyoming county a 'perennial' problem
Housing for seasonal workers in Wyoming's Teton County has been an issue since the post-World War II decades, and the problem has only grown worse, with far more jobs offered than housing available, and the Jackson Hole News & Guide explores the steps the community has taken to solve the housing shortage.
Jackson Hole News & Guide; July 16

Wildfire in S. Idaho now more than 31,000 acres in size
Crews anticipate that they'll have the 31,094-acre Preacher Fire in Idaho near Carey fully contained by Thursday evening.
Twin Falls Times-News; July 16

Colorado AG sues 2 largest foreclosure firms in state for fraud
The 40-page lawsuits filed by the Colorado Attorney General against the Castle Law Group and Aronowitz & Mecklenburg allege a laundry list of violations committed by the state's two largest foreclosure firms at every step of the foreclosure process, and while principals of the Araonowitz firm immediately offered to settle their lawsuit for $10 million, The Castle Group settled in for a long fight.
Denver Post; July 16

Goldman Sachs buys majority share in Denver office building
A recent study done by George Washington University researchers predicted that Denver would become one of the nation's top walkable communities due to its light-rail transit system, and that companies would pay a premium for commercial space served by such a system, a prediction that appears to be supported by Goldman Sachs' decision to buy a majority interest in the $90-million One Belleview Station, on office building slated to built beginning in December.
Denver Post; July 16

Investors press Texas-based Anadarko to develop Rocky Mountain leases
Anadarko Petroleum Corp. owns mineral rights on 8 million acres in the Rocky Mountain West, including in Colorado's Wattenberg field and in the Niobrara play in Wyoming, and investors are urging the company either develop those rights or sell them.
Denver Post (Bloomberg); July 16

Head of Alberta-based AltaLink confident sale to U.S. company will proceed
News that Quebec-based SNC Lavalin planned to sell Alberta's largest electrical transmission company to Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway prompted an ad campaign warning of "serious consequences" should the sale go through, but AltaLink President Scott Thon shrugged off the campaign and said that the more people learn about the sale, the more they will support it.
Calgary Herald; July 16

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