Hangriest Hour: The Chrondo at Flipper’s



What you’re eating: A locally ground, 1/3-pound hamburger topped with bacon, jalapeños, pepper jack cheese and Sriracha sauce, plus lettuce, tomato and onion.

How it’s made: The beef for Flipper’s burgers comes from downtown Missoula’s K&C Foods at least twice a week, so the patties are always fresh and made to order. For those who go for the Chrondo, Flipper’s day-shift bartender and cook McCoy Connor says there are three levels of heat: “You can make it crazy, or you can make it normal, or you can make it a little weaker, too.”

Make it hot: If you’re the kind of person who splashes Tabasco sauce in your red beer, you’ll probably want to ask for your Chrondo made crazy. If you do, Connor won’t just add extra Sriricha and extra jalapenos, he’ll also grill the jalapenos in Sriricha. The result is a kick of flavor and heat that will make your beer or other beverage taste even more refreshing than it already did.

What you’re drinking: Flipper’s doesn’t have liquor, but the beer selection makes up for the lack of spirits. While we think a cold pint of Kokanee offers the best means of balancing the heat and heft of the Chrondo, there are many options, including Roscoe’s Red, an amber ale that Kettlehouse brews specially for Flip’s.

What you’re passing up: Connor says the Chrondo is the most popular of Flipper’s four speciality burgers, but the rest of the menu is loaded with good options. In addition to the self-explanatory Bacon Bleu and Mushroom Swiss burgers, the Ringer offers a border-hopping combo of Canadian bacon and American cheese, plus barbecue sauce and an onion ring. For those with an extreme appetite and a jaw that can pop in and out of its socket at will, all burgers can also be made as doubles.

Where you’re eating: Flipper’s is at 125 South Third St. W., just south of the Clark Fork and just west of Higgins Avenue. It’s a comfortable, casual hangout with a casino, pool tables, Big Buck Hunter, pinball machine and a bunch of TVs, most of which show sports.

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