Best Town Ever! Almost



Over the years, Outside has deemed Missoula one of America's Best Places to Live (2011), Best River Towns (2012) and Best Places to Raise Outdoor Kids (2013), but this year we've made it onto the magazine's list of Best Towns Ever, clocking in at number 9, right between Louisville, Kentucky, and Boulder, Colorado. Come to think of it, Boulder, Montucky, is a pretty apt description of our psycho-geography.

Outside mentions Draught Works, Big Dipper, Brennan's Wave, Snowbowl, Caras Park and our university-cultivated "youthful brio" as it goes about describing what put Missoula on the list. The magazine also inadvertently points out what makes the Garden City something less than idyllic when it gives readers a tip on what it might take to "Make the Move" and buy a home within our city limits:

"The Upper Rattlesnake Valley has houses around $599,000 (citywide median: $238,300); it feels rural, but you’re a ten-minute ride from downtown. The university is the largest employer, but there’s also a growing biotech industry (median household income: $39,076)."

The gap between home prices and household incomes isn't as bad as Boulder ($489,500 vs. $56,206) but it's not as good as Duluth ($148,600 vs. $41,311), which topped the list.

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