Indy sign (inevitably) vandalized


The Missoula Independent's street-facing sign was turned into a punchline over the weekend.

Making a joke that Indy staffers have heard repeatedly since the paper was acquired by Lee Enterprises last Thursday, someone spray painted over the first two letters of the newspaper's name so it reads as "dependent."
The Missoula "dependent," get it? - PHOTO BY DEREK BROUWER
  • Photo by Derek Brouwer
  • The Missoula "dependent," get it?

Publisher Matt Gibson noticed the damage when he arrived at the office Monday morning and filed a police report.

"I can't believe it took this long for our sign to get vandalized," he says. The red-and-white sign is a decade old.

The Independent was independently owned since its founding in 1991. The paper is now under the same corporate umbrella as the Missoulian.

Read the newsroom's initial response to the sale here, and keep an eye out this Thursday for full coverage.

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