Hollywood trailer park attorney sends "progress report" to city


As today's Indy story about the history of management issues at Hollywood Mobile Home Park went to press, an attorney for the park's management company sent out a "progress report" to city officials.

The July 12 letter states that KEI Property Management, owned by Missoula broker Devin Khoury, has filed 22 eviction complaints in Missoula County Justice Court, "not to render individuals and families homeless, but to begin the long process of making the Hollywood community more functional, responsible, and a better a (sic) neighbor to the rest of the City of Missoula."

The letter by attorney Thomas Orr also states that managers have contacted the Missoula Police Department for help tracking problem tenants, and recently removed from the property a burned-out trailer that had been abandoned since February.
Hollywood 'Progress Report' Hermina Harold of the North Missoula Community Development Corporation was among those pushing for removal of the trailer over the last few months. In a Facebook post Thursday, she wrote that city officials had been uncertain about how to enforce health and safety rules, and said the property owner "dragged his feet on cleaning up while the children in the neighborhood had three solid months to explore that burned out trailer shell."

"The people who live in this neighborhood deserve better management and better health and safety oversight from their local government," she wrote. "They also deserve to stay in this neighborhood if they want, and not be priced out."

Orr has said Hollywood owners may redevelop the property as multi-family housing if they can't make the trailer court safe and profitable.

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