Lots of gobbledygook


So there’s no room for progressive radio in Missoula, huh? (see “Radio ruckus,” Nov. 12, 2009). Why does any talk radio station have to be all conservative or all liberal?

If we allow right-wing talk radio to be the only voice, then we risk becoming a bastion of hatred like the Flathead Valley. I was raised in formerly moderate Kalispell and I don’t even want to drive through there now. My mother, once a nice Goldwater Republican, morphed into one of the rabid right-wingers starting when John Stokes took over KGEZ (now financially, as well as morally, bankrupt).

It’s been insidious ever since President Reagan eliminated the Fairness Doctrine, effectively unleashing one-sided gobbledygook without any answering gobbledygook to keep people from tilting too far one way or the other.

I agree with Aaron Flint on one thing: “You can get out of your Toyota Prius for just a second, just get mad…or you can just sit and whine about it.” But instead of whining don’t call Flint’s program, which still gives them the last word. Instead, fight back like Steve Corrick did. If you’re an advertiser, pull your ads. If you’re a supporter of progressive—or even balanced—radio, notify the station’s advertisers that they won’t have your patronage until they stop. Station Marketing Manager Steve Lindahl understands money, so exercise free speech by talking to his pocketbook.

Tell these one-sided, unfair, unbalanced broadcasters to pack up their Hummers and get out of Dodge!

Wanda LaCroix


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