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I agree that many of the proposals for health care reform are unconstitutional. Requiring everyone to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. The whole Medicare system is unconstitutional. The social security system is unconstitutional. It is the duty of all patriotic citizens to defend our country, and they should not expect special rewards for their duty. Therefore, providing health care to veterans is also unconstitutional.

What this country needs is a strong, activist Supreme Court that will perform the duty clearly spelled out in the Constitution. That is, make a ruling on all the actions of the executive branch and all the laws passed by Congress on whether or not they are constitutional. Let’s do away with the cumbersome case-by-case legal system that has served us well for more than 200 years, and return to the lifestyle our forefathers envisioned for us in the 1700s. Or, better yet, let us return to the lifestyle the ancient tribes of Israel enjoyed.

Steve Schombel


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