Legislative misgivings


Well here we are, nearly halfway through the 2011 legislative session, and I am having serious misgivings about how well our representatives are conducting the business of state.

The committees and the floors of both the Montana Senate and the Montana House of Representatives have been deluged with non-essential, single-minded, ideological, politically motivated pieces of legislation. Some of these bills seem to be designed to nullify existing laws that protect our air, water and the general quality of our surroundings in order to enhance the bottom line of greedy corporations. Other bills propose to eliminate critical services and programs that derive their primary funds from the federal government.

The legislators who are sponsoring these bills are being self-centered, and are abdicating their responsibility to work in the interests of the citizens of Montana as a whole. Where are the true statesmen who will work with their fellow legislators to create solutions to the real economic challenges facing our state? And who will craft legislation that will make a positive difference to the job situation that currently exists in Montana? I didn’t vote for any of the legislators from the Flathead, but my expectations for them are the same as those of the voters who did send them to Helena. We all trust them to make decisions in our best interests. We do not benefit from wasted time and money.

Let’s all hope that the remaining days of the 2011 session will bring about some meaningful, non-partisan, intelligent action that benefits everyone.

Edd Blackler


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