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I am sure you notice as do I that when you shop at Wal-Mart, Target, True Value, Ace, the mall, etc. that probably 90 percent or more of the products you buy are made outside the U.S.A. Foreign products are even encroaching into the grocery stores big time. Go to your local food store and look at all the fish and seafood—hardly any is from the U.S. nowadays. Almost all of our top-of-the-line seafood is bought by countries like Japan, and we in turn import junk fish and seafood from China, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.

If while you were away from your house for a few hours, a team came in and removed every item in your house that was not made in the U.S., what would you be left with? Probably your bed frame, mattress, sofa, sinks, fridge, toilet, and stove. Almost every electrical item including light fixtures and bulbs in your house would be gone. No computer, cell phone, TV, DVD player, hair dryer, toaster, microwave etc. And to top it off you wouldn’t have many clothes left either, and probably no shoes. Your house would be pretty much empty.

Between our government, unions, corporations, greed, and our desire for low cost products, we have driven millions of U.S. jobs out of the country. We have gone from a manufacturing economy to a service economy, and we are paying the price. We talk about being dependent on foreign oil, but we are even MORE dependent on foreign products. If all imports stopped tomorrow other than oil, we would be up a creek. The stores would be 90 percent empty in days. What does that tell you about our dependence on foreign countries?

If you are as sick of foreign products as I am, try to make a bit of a difference at least. If you have a choice between a U.S. product and one made across the pond, please buy the U.S. item even if it costs more. Tell business owners you would like to see more American products in their stores and patronize the ones that stock more U.S. products. We need to encourage more manufacturing and resource development in the U.S., and let our politicians know they need to provide a U.S. business climate that gives companies a chance to compete. A climate not overburdened with regulations, taxes, and union strong-arming. Can you imagine what it would do to our economy if we could only increase U.S. manufacturing and resource production by just 20 percent over the next five years? Buy and promote American Made products!

John Backs

St. Ignatius

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