Not the government’s problem?


Recently, Ravalli County Commissioners suggested government should not be involved in health issues incurred by citizens. I find that totally hypocritical. All levels of government do many things that cause health problems. For example, the Forest Service recently sprayed an herbicide, clopyralid, with a helicopter over a period of several days. The safety data sheet states it causes malformations in developing young. Also, exposure results in severe eye irritation and can cause blindness.

In addition, Hamilton and several other towns put on fireworks displays that released tons of toxic chemicals into the air. Look up all the toxic chemicals and heavy metals used to make fireworks. A major component in fireworks is an oxidizer called perchlorate, long known to be a serious health hazard. Perchlorate inhibits the thyroid’s ability to take up iodine and can reduce the production of thyroid hormone. Do we really need more hypothyroidism here? I have been studying the effects of hypothyroidism on wildlife and domestic grazing animals for 15 years. The prevalence of young now being born with symptoms of hypothyroidism is well over 50 percent for most wild and domestic ungulate species in Montana, especially domestic calves and goats. Other toxins in fireworks include mercury, barium and a banned pesticide, copper arsenate.

Counties spray most roadsides during the summer, eventually exposing all the people who live in that county to toxic herbicides. The herbicides used have been shown by multiple studies to cause chromosomal damage, reproductive problems, thyroid hormone disruption and cancer.

Government entities at all levels are continually dumping deadly toxins into the environment where citizens live. These actions are causing very serious health problems. So tell us again why it isn’t the government’s responsibility to help people with the ensuing health issues?

Judy Hoy


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