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Why does Montana lag behind the adjoining states of North Dakota and Wyoming in development and use of our abundant natural resources? Those states do not suffer the extent of legal impediments inflicted upon Montanans by a small percentage of our population consisting of highly financed radical eccentrics. To regain our economy, we must restore industries dependent upon our natural resources. One of the most serious recent EPA threats is the banning of the fracking procedure in drilling. Coal-fired power generation is threatened for closure under the pretense of air pollution due to the unproven global warming hypothesis and theory. Wind energy, which is fraught with numerous production complications, is economically impractical, requiring federal financing that's impossible to recover in the lifetime of the equipment without drastic price increases. Economical renewable hydro power, unique to this region, is endangered by ongoing environmentalist threats of dam removal. Dead and dying forests loaded with bio-fuels are burning on the mountain sides, polluting air and water, instead of in clean-burning biomass co-generation plants. In all cases, abused taxpaying consumers pay for the bad science and federal funding of impractical energy generation as dictated by the EPA and state Department of Environmental Quality. No new power generation plants have been built in over 30 years. Transmission systems are outdated and maxed-out. Schemes have been designed to kill job-producing business and industry while driving citizens to unbearably high living costs. Ever-increasing excessive federal restrictions on energy production in a country seriously in debt is driving us to inevitable collapse. We are even losing our rural lands through conservation easements.

We must take seriously the rhetoric of candidates currently campaigning for office. We need assurance that they recognize the seriousness of the issues and are capable of providing corrective measures complete with the skills, motivation and determination to perform effectively in office. If no reference is made to states’ rights, sovereignty, nullification or the coordination process in inter-governmental policy making, it is questionable if this candidate has the insight essential for today’s elected office. It is critical that we elect dedicated officials for county commission, state legislature and Congress who are capable of doing the job essential to preserving this country and our Constitution. We owe it to ourselves and our own descendants to take this election very seriously.

Clarice Ryan

Big Fork

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