Send Ellie back to Helena


As the former executive director of Blue Mountain Clinic in Missoula and someone who routinely testified in front of the infamous House Judiciary committee during the “War on Women” this last legislative session, I am writing in fervent support of the re-election of Rep. Ellie Hill in House District 94. As an attorney with a sharp mind and often much-needed quick wit, Hill was a champion in the House of Representatives and she proved herself an absolutely critical voice in assisting the overall effort to stop anti-choice legislation.

I have worked with Hill for years to mobilize activists, engage young people and work on policy solutions year-round, locally and nationally. For Hill’s longtime dedication to progressive causes and due to her stellar work in the last legislative session, it must be noted that organizations from around the state have endorsed her over her once-again opponent and former mayoral candidate, Lou Ann Crowley. Organizations that rely on champions to fight for them in the legislature—like NARAL-Pro Choice Montana, Montana Conservation Voters, United Transportation Workers and MEA/MFT (our teachers and public employees union representing 19,000 Montanans)—have rallied behind the re-election of Hill. As a veteran on choice issues in this state, Hill has never stopped fighting for what’s right for Montana women and families. It’s critical we send her back, and I encourage voters to support her in the June 5th primary.

Anita Vatshell


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