Half the battle


In “Montana’s GOP wrestles with same-sex politics” (June 28), Jessica Mayrer described the recent advances in LGBT issues at the state GOP convention with a good legal primer on developments over the last few decades locally. She concluded her article by noting GOP delegate Elwood English’s worry that the delegation was not aware of the removal of the homosexual-activity ban from the party platform. The provision was voted on without debate.

As a delegate to the platform convention, I can say that both myself and the folks (of multiple generations) sitting around me saw the edit straightaway and approved. In fact, it was my intent to propose an amendment from the floor striking out the language if it had not already been done in committee.

However, striking the language from the platform is only half the battle. This January, we must follow through and do the same with the unconstitutional law still present in the Montana Code.

Many have tried to argue that this change in platform means little for the party, as the GOP added a “marriage definition” to its national affairs plank. However, Montana news organizations failed to report that that addition was opposed from the floor. I proposed an amendment to strike the marriage definition from our national affairs plank, receiving about 30 ayes on a voice vote.

When Republicans attempt to control people’s private lives, our commitment to the Constitution, free markets and individual liberty becomes less credible.

Nick Schwaderer

Republican candidate for House District 14


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