A few words on greed


In modern America, cancer is the plague. But a far worse plague is greed.

Insidiously, greed is engendering malignancy in politics and government while, simultaneously, denaturing the Natural World. It's corrupting this republic of ours and, similarly, it's corrupting the well-being and viability of Planet Earth's eons-old but rather fragile "sufficiencies" (which are increasingly rendered insufficient by greed's idiocies and ruinousness).

Obviously, we must begin to identify and repudiate greed's most egregious and sociopathic exponents, and insist that human intelligence replace human greed as the determinant of what "rules us" as a species. If we fail in that undertaking, do we not risk becoming heirs to a catastrophic outcome that absurdly contradicts our notable achievements and our higher human promise?

Who are the greedy? And should their idiocy and incorrigibility be allowed to condemn all of us to despotism, environmental collapse and existential despair?

Human greed is implicitly at odds with a fundamental, intrinsic generosity in the universe, and should not be obeyed when it presumes to assert its preposterous, misbegotten "authority."

Tom Azzara


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