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The recent Indy piece on MCAT profiled a few public access TV producers, a dying breed in this digital world, but the article missed the boat in failing to showcase the bulk of the community outreach we perform (see "Characters welcome," June 27). In addition to hundreds of city and county government meetings every year, including public school meetings, MCAT offers Media Assistance Grants (MAGs) to area nonprofits, resulting in hundreds of additional shows each year, including lectures, seminars, conferences, musical performances, documentaries, rallies—anything a nonprofit can think of, we do it for them. Dozens of nonprofits take advantage of MCAT's filming and editing services grants every year.

But wait, there's more!

This summer MCAT is offering several media camps for children. MCAT also mentors through the Flagship program. MCAT also sponsors filmmaking contests. In an age of do-it-yourself-at-home-and-post-it-online videography, MCAT maintains a vital role in reaching out to our community, the Missoula area community, in all these other services.

MCAT is Missoula.

Ron Scholl

MAG Superviser



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