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Montana has many treasures. Perhaps our most important long-term treasures are places like the North Fork of the Flathead, the "Bob," the Beartooths and the Mission and Swan ranges between which I live. Our elected representatives understand the long-term economic and social value of the wild and quiet places we are blessed with.

Congressman Daines is trying to do the right thing: pass bills that a vast majority of Montanans agree with, like the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act and the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act. But partisan politics in D.C. are getting in the way.

Montanans value teamwork. We want our team of Sen. Baucus, Rep. Daines and Sen. Tester to work together for Montana. We don't' want people from states without our wild treasures to influence our team more than we do. I urge our team to pass the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act, and the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act. It's worth our best effort. Go team!

A. Lee Boman

Seeley Lake


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