Polson problems


After years of hearing our citizens discuss corruption in our local government and our city being run by a "good ole boy's club" catering to special interest groups, I decided to start attending the city council meetings and would like to share just a few personal observations with you.

One city employee required to attend our meetings appears quite animated while she rolls her eyes and drops her jaw as our citizens express their concerns at the podium.

Another city employee hired to represent our city appears to want to be anywhere other than in his seat at the city council meetings. He is known to do crossword puzzles during our meetings.

One of our elected officials giggles when she agrees with a speaker and visually scorns the ones she disagrees with.

One man in the special-interest group obnoxiously speaks out of turn and is disrespectful toward our citizens he disagrees with—with no removal or repercussions from our council.

Most of the special-interest groups leave immediately after their agenda has been passed by council, leaving our citizens to pick up the tab for their frivolous new "projects."

Obviously, Polson needs a fundamental change in government and their childish policies. I am hoping that our disgruntled citizens are registered or will register to vote so we can make a difference. With the election for mayor and council members approaching in November, it will be interesting to discover which candidates will align themselves with the "good ole boys" and special interest groups and which ones are mature and capable of conducting themselves independently.

Will Polson continue down the same path or will we have a much needed change? Support responsible government.

Linda Ray


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