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Thanks for a more historical and balanced article on Fred Van Valkenburg’s professional career and values, especially in relation to the DOJ investigation and the marijuana enforcement issues (see “Still fighting,” Sept. 5). As a resident of Montana, mostly in the western third of the state, for 40 years, I have found him to be the kind of person I wanted in public service: possessing honesty and integrity, abiding by the law with a full heart.

I remember him in the legislature (I lived in Helena then and sipped Saturday morning coffee listening to committee hearings) and his body of work in Missoula (lived in Missoula County the last 20 years). So thank you, Jessica, for your in-depth article. And thanks to Fred Van Valkenburg for his many years of service to Montanans! I for one appreciate him and wish him the best in retirement—no criticism here, only kudos!

Betsy Spettigue

Swan Valley

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