Taken seriously


This is in response to Dan Brooks’ short-sighted inconvenience caused to him by our inane government shut down (see “Domestic dispute,” Oct. 10). Mr. Brooks is obviously a GOP supporter as he blames Obama for our government’s inefficiencies, when in fact the Tea Partyers state as their cause to defund Obamacare at all costs to “protect our nation.” To protect our nation from what, I dare ask, affordable health care for millions!

Mr. Brooks is upset by his girlfriend being furloughed and requesting he pay the heating bill. What about all the poor, single mothers who are going without food to feed their children because the SNAP program has been shut down as well? This seems a far more pressing concern than Mr. Brooks not being able to look at porn—excuse me, be a professional writer at home while his girlfriend is furloughed.

Our government has stopped working not because Obama won’t compromise with delusional House Republicans. It has stopped working because the Tea Party would rather not take care of the most needy of our population so they can pursue their short sighted, albeit misguided, political agenda. Is that what America is all about? I think not.

Chris Henderson


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