Dinosaur favorite


My congratulations to Matt Rosendale for officially announcing his run for U.S. Congress. This takes the speculation away, and now gives reporters the obligation and opportunity to cover the competition equally.

Great job by Mr. Rosendale for selecting Makoshika State Park as the perfect location for this event, a magical place in eastern Montana that is rich in landmarks and artifacts that date back hundreds, thousands and, for some misinformed geologists and members of the public, millions of years. Your speech about conservative values must have warmed the hearts of those departed dinosaurs. Why, they probably said, "Finally, a politician with old ideas like us."

Someone who supports criminalizing a woman's right to an abortion—even in cases of rape or incest, an interpretation of his religion that has been around for years. Someone who wanted Montana to be able to secede from the uniona thought that goes back to at least the Civil War. Finally, a dinosaur favorite who wanted to keep an unconstitutional law on the books, making it a crime to be a homosexual. Mr. Rosendale's conservative reasoning is "the Bible forbids it."

To Mr. Rosendale's credit, he will devote his entire time to the U.S. House race. It remains to be seen if his entire Tea Party conservative agenda will translate statewide.

Pat Mischel


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