Bohlinger burns bridge


I have known John Bohlinger for more than 30 years. He was a successful Billings businessman. He was a successful legislator. He represented Gov. Schweitzer admirably. He succeeded in these endeavors because he understood the issues, and he is extremely charming. But, most importantly, he knew how to work with people.

Sadly, he now acts like the Republican he used to be. For whatever reason, today’s Republicans have fractured their party, our Congress and our standing in the world. They haven’t figured out that in order to win, to achieve their goals, to make our country strong, they must work together.

It seems to me that John’s efforts would be better spent helping the Democratic party get solidly behind a candidate, rather than finding reason to criticize the very people he wants to be elected to work with. If elected, John will have to (or get to) work with Jon Tester and many other Democrats in the Senate. That may be harder than he thinks after taking them to task for not supporting him.

At his age, John should offer his expertise, and his name recognition to support John Walsh, who has the potential to be a senator long enough to gain some seniority and thus be able to work for the state of Montana and the nation as a whole.

Unless the Democrats work together, they will end up looking like Republicans.

Jean Bowman


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