When, not if


The tragic death of malamute Little Dave was a matter of when, not if (see “etc.,” Nov. 21). A wolf trophy hunting season a full six months long only increases the odds that tragedy will strike again, placing an unfair burden on benign (non-killing) users of public lands.

A culture of gun worship, a vendetta mentality against predators and the dominance of blood sports—including trapping—in funding the state management agency and setting its management goals have left multitudes of citizens out in the cold and without peace of mind when we venture onto our public lands.

My heart breaks for Little Dave and the human who loved him as family—just as it breaks for wolves who maintain deep, affectionate bonds with their own family groups and whose suffering will increase tenfold when the two and a half-month trapping season commences.

The bullets meant for one canine found another. Either way, the outcome is tragic.

Kathleen Stachowski


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