Bullet proof


It’s very gratifying to have the “High Court” rule in favor of the vast majority of the Montana public after fully evaluating the very complicated issues dealing with the historic use of prescriptive roads and bridges, which have been used for decades.

It is really disheartening for longtime residents to see Montana changed into a playground for the very rich. The large tracks of Montana that the wealthier are buying contain segments of public land, which have some of our best hunting and fishing resources, and the public isn’t welcome.

There will be continued attacks on our cherished Stream Access Law by these selfish property owners because they want everything for themselves. The only consolation that Montana residents have is that these greedy individuals will not be able to purchase a place in “The Here After,” nor will they be able to bribe the devil from their fire-proof money belts. Montana has the most bullet-proof stream access law in the nation.

Tony Schoonen


Montana Coalition for Stream Access


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