Coffee questions


Missoula needs a Starbucks? Paid in part with taxpayer money from “property tax assessments”? Missoula doesn’t have enough great coffee kiosks? What happened to supporting local businesses? (See “New Starbucks on deck, Jan. 23.)

This in a effort to “eradicate urban blight” in the city council-designated urban renewal district in the vicinity of Ruby’s Café and Taco del Sol, described by MRA Director Ellen Buchanan as a “big gray blob” in the middle of Missoula, as seen from the “M.” Perhaps if Buchanan looked closer (actually walked around blighted district III), she’d see there are already two very good local coffee bars amidst the blight: Florence Coffee and Liquid Planet (from which I have enjoyed buying and drinking many a great coffee over the years). Is the mission of the MRA and the city council to drive out local business? Shouldn’t that money go to supporting small business, rather than a chain or franchise?

Barbara Ross


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