Dems for McDermott


I applaud the Missoula County Democrats for endorsing T.J. McDermott, a life-long Democrat, in the primary election for sheriff.

I also applaud the AFL-CIO (Missoula Trade and Labor) for endorsing T. J. McDermott for sheriff.

Whether or not the position of sheriff should be partisan or non-partisan is another issue. McDermott just happens to be a true Democrat in a Democratic primary election. T.J. is also a friend to workers and a supporter of workplace fairness and the right to organize freely.

Josh Clark, a well-known Republican, has made a critical mistake by trying to pretend to be somebody that he is not in an effort to fool the Democratic voters of Missoula County. Pretending to be somebody that you’re not speaks only to a greater integrity issue with this candidate.

On Tuesday, June 3, join me in voting for T.J. McDermott, the only Democrat and the only candidate recognized by local labor unions in the primary election for Missoula County sheriff.

Ben Darrow


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