Daines gets it


Forest fires burned 9.3 million acres of federal forest land last year, making 2013 the third worst fire season on record for acres burned. Meanwhile, only 200,000 acres were harvested last year by the U.S. Forest Service. This means that 44 times as many acres burned as were responsibly harvested and restored.

Congressman Steve Daines understands the crisis in our federal forests, and he clearly recognizes the negative impact of current federal policies on jobs in our rural communities. He is working hard to pass a solution that reforms these policies to protect our forests for future generations while simultaneously revitalizing rural economies.

Daines has co-sponsored the Restoring Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act to improve forest health and to benefit our citizens. Since forest projects are commonly tied up in bureaucracy and environmental lawsuits, the bill streamlines the process to allow more projects to proceed. No other solution pending in Congress offers this level of certainty to effectively create jobs and help prevent catastrophic wildfire from destroying our public lands.

Elizabeth Toenyes


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