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Oh that card again...

Your snarky, sarcastic article ("Better dumb than sorry?" Feb. 9) only demonstrates your failure to be a well-read and informed citizen, not just of the United States but of the world.

A proactive legislative body is, in my opinion, frequently more helpful than a reactive one.

This bill might not have been necessary if Missoula hadn't decided to play the phony "we're all so caring and loving here" card so a few people could pat themselves on the back for their good deeds and wait for the resettlement money to roll in.

Linda Sauer

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Aquiver in our bubble

One city block in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, probably has more resident Muslims than all of Montana ("Better dumb than sorry?" Feb. 8). All those guns, and "Big Sky" is afraid of a crescent moon and stars?

Randy Bassett

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Free the pigs!

I am writing in regard to the University of Montana's proposed research facility using live pigs to test spinal cord injuries. I suffer with PTSD, and how dare you use my disability as an excuse to cause severe trauma to these pigs! Especially knowing that this is a completely unnecessary and outdated research method! All 202 accredited osteopathic and allopathic medical schools in the United States and Canada have terminated the use of live animals to teach medical students. This includes the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (the U.S. military medical school). In addition, 47 hospitals and colleges teach first responders crucial life-saving methods using human-based methods after abandoning outdated live animal use.

Under the Animal Welfare Act, no experiments—including those that inflict pain without relief—are outlawed. The Animal Welfare Act is the only federal law that applies to animals used for research.

Each species has a unique spinal orientation, movement kinetics and neural anatomy. Non-invasive imaging techniques such as PET, SPECT and fMRI can be used to visualize neural pathology at various timepoints after injury. In Miami, researchers are collaborating on the Human Spinal Cord Injury Model project.

You can read more about ethical research and education using non-animal testing methods at pcrm.org. You can also find grants for non-animal testing research at drhadwentrust.org.

Montanans do not want this facility, as proven by the failure of I-181, which was due, in part, to the possibility of live animals being used as test subjects. Bringing this lab to the University of Montana would take the university backward, in addition to tarnishing the image of Missoula. UM can join other universities and medical schools in rejecting outdated live animal labs and using more advanced and humane methods for research.

Jennifer Nitz



I am shocked that we still allow flaring, venting and leaking methane into our atmosphere. These practices threaten our health, waste our resources and—perhaps most concerning—accelerate the threat of climate change. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas; it heats the planet at a far faster rate than carbon dioxide.

We can no longer afford to continue releasing these lethal emissions. Especially when they are emissions that, in most cases, can be avoided. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has something they call the "Doomsday Clock" used to illustrate how close the world stands to "midnight," or doomsday. During the Cold War, the clock stood at 2 minutes to midnight. Right now? 2.5 minutes to midnight. According to these scientists, we face an existential threat the size of the nuclear-arms race: climate change.

The Bureau of Land Management responsibly created protections requiring that more oil- and gas-field emissions be captured. This agency spent years traveling our country, listening to affected people, and creating rules that took all sides into account. However, Congress and the new administration are putting these protections on their chopping block. Congress is slated to vote on the rules next week, and they are gunning to entirely eliminate those protections.

The time to take action is now. Montana's senators need to hear from you: Protect the climate, fight for the methane rules and stand up for the West.

Cindy Webber

Big Timber

You want a list?

What is it about religion that just drives you leftists crazy ("A teen and a prayer," Feb. 9)? You want your rights the way you want them, but those that don't agree with you, well that's where your "love everyone" comes to an end. You want any speech you don't agree with shut down.

Ed Kugler

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Has he no shame?

Twice in one day, Sen. Steve Daines disgraced Montana.

"School choice" does not help the budgets of public schools in our cities and towns, and it offers nothing whatsoever for education in our rural areas, where there will never be charter schools to offer "choice." But Daines chose to back out-of-state campaign contributions over the interests of Montanans when he voted for Betsy DeVos.

Later the same day, he played toady to authoritarian party powers, helping to muzzle open, honest debate with the party-line vote to silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Her "out of bounds" testimony? Reading letters written by Sen. Ted Kennedy and Coretta Scott King, which had been considered earlier as Senate committee testimony.

If Steve Daines and the party in power are so genuine in their adherence to Senate rules, why didn't those same rules compel them to allow Supreme Court nomination hearings last year, as provided for by the Constitution?

This is a sad day for Montana's representation in our nation's capital. Steve Daines has disgraced our state by putting wealthy campaign donors ahead of Montana's school children, and by taking part in ham-fisted authoritarian practices more at home in the Kremlin than in a 21st-century democracy.

Tod Trimble


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