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1090 Club

Natural Selection


Love’s ripples can come to shore with the force of tsunamis. Hurtful words, acts of betrayal—it’s in the flotsam and jetsam of this storm’s aftermath that the 1090 Club floats its latest release, the aptly named Natural Selection.

Soul-tugging violin and tumbling piano compositions remain 1090 Club’s staples, but are brought to new power with this album’s despondent lack of romance. The Billings-based rock quartet pulls together 10 tracks dedicated to the jealous, the jaded and the suspicious. It’s an album bred from the mounting failures of the hopeless romantic, and each line rings with a familiarity you’ll instinctively deny.

There are no happy characters here. The woman fleeing pain (“Claire”), the man spewing verbal abuses (“Things Inside”), gathered together in the discord of cutting remarks we’ve all made and instantly regretted. They drive the narrative forward, never tiring, through a series of alternatively techno and dirge-like ballads.

One finds no hope for a happy future in the beautifully bleak Natural Selection, only a world where love is “so corrosive it seems/like acid once created it chews through our dreams.” (Alex Sakariassen)

1090 Club plays the Badlander Friday, April 17, at 9 PM, with Secret Powers, Volumen and Boy Eats Drum Machine. $5.

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