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3 Inches of Blood

Here Waits Thy Doom



It takes some time to get used to the Rob Halford-esque pipes of 3 Inches of Blood's Cam Pipes. But by the time you finish listening to the latest from this Vancouver-based foursome, you'll want to start singing along in the same over-the-top manner, pumping your fist with wild abandon to their deftly crafted brand of old school metal.


Opener "Battles and Brotherhood" mixes epic power metal riffs with traces of speed and thrash metal, along with lyrics about unleashing bloody massacres and battling with your bros. The ass-kicking quota then gets shot up a few notches on "Call of the Hammer," a fiery thrash number that simply rocks. The dudes even mellow a bit on "12:34," a somber acoustic interlude to the valiant closing track "Execution Tank."

For the most part, these guys stay consistent throughout, never wavering from their core aesthetic—a mixture of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, early Kreator and anything else with a tried and true classic feel.

Here Waits Thy Doom pedals a true traditional sound. I'm sold on it, and if you like vintage metal, you will be too.

3 Inches of Blood plays the Palace Saturday, Nov. 14, at 9 PM with Saviours, Holy Grail and Undun. $10.


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